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Activities of the network

The AAG network promotes the scientific cooperation between its nodes, with a particular emphasis on the training of young researchers (pre- and post-doctoral researchers). To this end, the network organizes or co-sponsors various schools, workshops and conferences, which in general have a strong instructional component.


Among its activities for the training of young researchers, the AAG network organizes a series of small workshops or conferences (called "mini-conferences") devoted to specific subjects selected in its work programme.

The following mini-conferences have been organized by the network, or are currently under preparation:

   Workshop on F-isocrystals and rigid cohomology

Organizers: F. Baldassarri (Padova), P. Berthelot (Rennes).
The workshop has had two sessions : after the first session, which took place in Padova on December 11-12, 2004, the second one took place in Rennes, on June 1-3, 2005.
Details about the organization and the scientific programme can be found on the home page of the workshop.

   Mini-conference on Galois representations

Organizers: J.-F. Boutot (Strasbourg), J. Tilouine (Paris 13), J.-P. Wintenberger (Strasbourg).
Date: July 4-8, 2005.
Place: Strasbourg.

   Mini-conference on p-adic modular forms

Organizers: J. Nekovárˇ (Jussieu-Paris 6), J. Tilouine (Paris 13).
Date: July 17-21, 2006.
Place: CIRM, Luminy.

  Workshop on Colmez' work on p-adic L-functions

Organizers: D. Barsky (Paris 13), G. Christol, F. Nuccio, A. Pulita.
Date: Every other week starting from October 30, 2006: November 13, November 27, December 11, ….
Time: 10:00 - 13:00.
Place: Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, 175 rue du Chevaleret / 16 rue Clisson, 75013 Paris.

  Arithmetic Geometry, Galois representations and modular forms

Organizers: J. Tilouine (Paris 13).
Date: June 6-8, 2007.
Place: Université Paris 13.

  Cohomology of period domains and related moduli spaces

Organizers: J.-F. Dat (Paris 13), S. Orlik (Leipzig).
Date: September 24-28, 2007.
Place: Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Bonn.

Special Year in Arakelov Theory and Shimura Varieties

A Special Year on "Arakelov geometry and Shimura varieties" has taken place at the CRM (Bellaterra-Barcelona) during 2005-06.
Information can be found on the activity's web page:


The final conference was held at the CRM from July 10 to 15, 2006, on the theme

Recent Developments in the Arithmetic of Shimura Varieties and Arakelov Geometry.

Mid-term conference

To mark the mid-term of the present contract, a general conference in arithmetic algebraic geometry has been organized in Spain in 2006 by the AAG network. It has been approved as a satellite conference to the International Congress of Mathematicians ICM2006.
It has taken place in El Escorial, from September 3 to September 9.
More information is available from the Web site of the conference.

Final network conference

A final conference has been organized a few months before the termination of the network (January 2008). It has taken place in Cetraro (Italy), from October 7, 2007 (Sunday, arrival day) to October 13, 2007 (Saturday, departure day).
More information is availbale on the Web site of the conference.

Other research conferences

The members of the AAG network contribute to the organization of many other conferences on various topics of the network's programme.

Journées en l'honneur de J. Fresnel 
June 21-23, 2004
Motives, K-Theory and Arithmetical Geometry June 28 - July 2, 2004 Sestri Levante
Iwasawa 2004 July 5-9, 2004 Besançon
L-functions and p-adic representations July 19-30, 2004 Durham
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry August 1-7, 2004 Oberwolfach
Algebraic Cycles and Motives Aug. 30 - Sept. 3, 2004 Leiden
Arithmetic, Geometry and Topology, in honour of L. Breen December 15-17, 2004 Paris 13
Conference in honour of J. Coates January 13-14, 2005 Cambridge
p-adic differential equations February 15-20, 2005 Münster
Conférence en l'honneur de L. Illusie June 27-29, 2005 Orsay
Automorphic forms and L-functions May 15-19, 2006 Rehovot and Tel Aviv
Hodge Theory June 19-24, 2006 Venice
Iwasawa 2006 July 3-7, 2006 Limoges
Motives and related topics July 17-29, 2006 IHÉS, Bures-sur-Yvette
Arithmetic Geometry July 17 - Aug. 11, 2006 Göttingen
Workshop on p-adic methods and rational points May 18-20, 2007 Budapest
Representation Theory of p-adic Groups June 5-8, 2007 Kings College, London
25th Journées Arithmétiques July 2-6, 2007 Edimburgh
Summer School on Serre Modularity's Conjecture July 9-20, 2007 Luminy
Summer school on Automorphic Forms and Shimura Varieties July 9-22, 2007 Trieste
Conference on Automorphic Forms and Shimura Varieties July 23-27, 2007 Trieste
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry September 3-7, 2007 Poznan
Of Ramification and Vanishing Cycles September 10-14, 2007 Tokyo
Summer School in Arithmetic Geometry September 10-15, 2007 Cetraro
Géométrie arithmétique et variétés rationnelles December 3-7, 2007 Luminy

Regular seminars

To give easier access to information, we include here a list of links to some regular seminars organized at various nodes of the network, which are of interest for Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry :

   Bonn : Seminars

   Cambridge : Number Theory Seminar

   Durham : Arithmetic Study Group

   Münster : Seminar des Graduiertenkollegs

   Münster : SFB 478 Geometrische Strukturen in der Mathematik

   Padova : Seminars in algebraic and arithmetic geometry

   Paris 11 : Séminaire d'arithmétique et de géométrie algébrique

   Paris 13 : Séminaire de Géométrie Arithmétique

   Regensburg : Arithmetic Geometry Seminar

   Rennes : Séminaire de Géométrie Algébrique

   Strasbourg : Séminaires

Other events in arithmetic algebraic geometry

We will also include links to some other events, which are not organized by the network, but are of interest for Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry.

   Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté : XIII, CIRM, Luminy, France (March 21-25, 2005).

   Oberwolfach SeminarFinite group schemes and p-divisible groups”, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany (May 15-21, 2005).

   Motives and Algebraic Cycles, a Conference Dedicated to the Mathematical Heritage of Spencer J. Bloch, March 19-23, 2007, Toronto (Canada).

   International Conference “Arithmetic Geometry, in the framework of the Mathematical Congress dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Leonhard Euler, Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (June 13-19, 2007).


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