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Workshop on F-isocrystals and rigid cohomology

As part of the series of mini-conferences planned by the network for the training of young researchers, the Padova and Rennes nodes are organizing during the academic year 2004-2005 a workshop on F-isocrystals and rigid cohomology of algebraic varieties over a field of characteristic p. The purpose of the workshop is to offer both an up-to-date introduction to the subject, which has been progressing rapidly over the last years, and an exposition of some of the most recent results obtained in this direction. In particular, one of the main goals will be to provide a detailed presentation of the work of K. Kedlaya.

The workshop consists in two sessions. The first one has taken place in Padova on December 11-12, 2004, and has covered topics ranging from basic constructions in rigid cohomology to the p-adic monodromy theorem for overconvergent F-isocrystals. The second one will be held in Rennes, on June 1-3, 2005, and will cover topics such as finiteness theorems, Poincaré duality and Künneth formula in rigid cohomology, cohomological descent, the p-adic approach to Deligne's theorems on weights, and questions related to the semi-stable reduction theorem for overconvergent F-isocrystals in higher dimension. An introductory lecture on the p-adic monodromy theorem will be given, so as to make the second session accessible for the participants who could not attend the first one.

As for the Padova session, a list of topics for the lectures of the Rennes session is available, with some relevant references. A more extensive bibliography is also provided. Participants are asked to choose among these topics and to volunteer to give one of the lectures. In view of the educational nature of the workshop, young researchers are particularly encouraged to do so. Some of the lectures may also be given by more advanced researchers, particularly on questions for which references are still scarce.

In addition, there will be a few invited talks on related topics.


The announcement of the second session can be found here.

The schedule of the lectures is available here.

Accommodation and registration

To make the organization of the workshop easier, we ask participants to registrate before May 10, 2005, by sending an e-mail to P. Berthelot (pierre.berthelot(å)univ-rennes1.fr) or F. Baldassarri (baldassa(å)math.unipd.it).

A pre-reservation for rooms for the participants has been made in the following hotels. To book one of these rooms, please contact directly the hotel and ask for one of the rooms reserved for the workshop. Please send also a notification of your reservation to P. Berthelot, so that we can keep track of the reservations needed. These pre-reservations will be held until May 10, 2005.

 • Hôtel Garden
    3 rue Duhamel
    35000 Rennes
    Tel. : +33 2 99 65 45 06
    Fax : +33 2 99 65 02 62

  • Hôtel Richemont
    8 rue Dupont des Loges
    35000 Rennes
    Tel. : +33 2 99 30 38 21
    Fax : +33 2 99 31 73 20

Some other hotels can be found here. A more complete list can be downloaded here.

Maps of the city of Rennes can be found here.

Practical informations about going to the Rennes Mathematics Department can be found here.


Additional support for the organization of the Padova meeting has been provided by the project MIUR-PRIN "Geometria sulle Varietà Algebriche".


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